It’s time for an update.

Sumter County is currently embarking on a one-year process to update its Land Development Code (LDC). Simply put, the LDC contains the standards for the use and development of land within the unincorporated portions of the County, and covers topics such as zoning, building standards, parking, signs, environmental regulations, and many others. The primary objectives of this update are to ensure the LDC is consistent with the County’s other planning-related documents (such as the recently adopted comprehensive plan), is aligned with recent changes to Florida Statutes, and provides clear and predictable standards for future development.

As part of this process, you are invited to share your thoughts and perspectives on how the Sumter County LDC can be improved by:

  1. Completing the survey (see below); or
  2. By attending the upcoming Public Workshop in the summer of 2024.