Change is coming to Flagler County. The population is growing, its economy is diversifying, and new opportunities to live, work, play, and grow are welcomed into the County each day. That is why Flagler County is embarking on an 18-month effort to update its Comprehensive Plan—a 25-year visioning and planning document designed to help guide future growth within the County. As part of this effort, the County wants to hear from you regarding your vision for the future of the community. You can provide your input by participating in one of the public engagement opportunities listed below:

Develop the Community Vision for Flagler County

Please participate in two visioning opportunities provided below to help the City understand the Community's Vision for the future of Flagler County



Idea Wall


Frequently Asked Questions

Simply put, a comprehensive plan is state-required document designed to guide the future actions of a jurisdiction. It presents a vision for a community’s future with long range goals, objectives, and policies. The Comprehensive Plan also serves to:

  • Help residents identify their vision for the future of the community
  • Coordinate local decision making
  • Provide guidance to landowners and developers

There are numerous reasons why the County desires to update its Comprehensive Plan. Some of the most prominent reasons include:

  • Allowing the community to re-evaluate and revise its vision for future growth
  • Empowering the jurisdiction to plan, rather than react, to new development
  • Providing an opportunity for the community to reexamine its current decision-making practices
  • Analyzing and updating level of service standards for public facilities and services
  • Identifying and addressing existing and projected opportunities facing the community
  • Regularly updating the Plan is required by Florida Statutes

The Comprehensive Plan is broken down into chapters (referred to as 'Elements') which each cover a different topic area. The Elements included within the current Flagler County Comprehensive Plan are:

  • Future Land Use Element
  • Transportation Element
  • Housing Element
  • Infrastructure Element
  • Coastal Management Element
  • Conservation Management Element
  • Economic Development Element
  • Recreation & Open Space Element
  • Intergovernmental Coordination Element
  • Capital Improvements Element
  • Public Schools Facilities Element
  • Property Rights Element

There are several ways to provide your input on the Comprehensive Plan. One method is to participate in one of the many engagement activities included on the website, such as the online survey, community idea wall, or by reaching out to us directly using the email provided at the bottom of this page. You can also plan on attending one or more of the workshops in the forthcoming public workshop series, where the Project Team will host engagement activities designed to get your feedback on the Plan's direction and contents.

The update process is expected to take approximately 18 months, lasting between June 2023 and November 2024. For more details, please see the project timeline located below.